For technical specification and API reference, please find the Sendbird Documentation Page
The following resources will help you implement Sendbird’s basic features into your service.
1. Understanding Sendbird Objects - User, Channel, Message
Have you thought about how you will create your users and how you will maintain them on your end?
• Here is how you can create users, and ensure security at the same time Documentation
• A more comprehensive look at user creation Guide
• Designing Message Objects Guide
2. Implementing Chat - UI, Connection
What SDKs will you be using?
• Android Documentation
Will you be building out your UI or will you utilize Sendbird’s UiKit?
• iOS UiKit Documentation
• Android UiKit Documentation
• Web UiKit Documentation
Will you want the ability to work offline?
• iOS Sync Manager Documentation
• Android Sync Manager Documentation
• Web Sync Manager Documentation
Channels, Messages, and Connection:
• Comprehensive look at Channels and Messages View Guide
• Open channel Documentation
• Group channel Documentation
• Connection FAQ
Advanced functionality considerations
The following outlines functionality that will allow you to truly take advantage of Sendbird’s features to make your user’s chat experience that much better.
Push Notifications
Have you implemented Push Notifications to handle when users are offline?
• Android Documentation
• React Native Documentation
• Push Notification FAQ
Is there anything additional you want to leverage with Chat? Webhooks provide a great way to handle various events(both pre and post-event) server-side to allow for more customization and flexibility.
• Webhook Documentation
• Webhook Getting started Blog
Want to be able to provide a safe chat environment for your users?
• A comprehensive look at Moderation Guide
• Moderating at massive scale for Live streaming Guide
• Reporting API FAQ
Got Bots? Sendbird allows for the ability to integrate bots into your chat experience.
• Bot implementation Guide
Automated messages
Will you need to provide automatic messages based on events occurring in a chat channel?
• Auto-generates admin messages FAQ
Read receipts and Delivery receipts
Will you provide indicators in your app to display if a message has been received and/or read?
• Read receipt Blog
• Delivery receipt Blog and Documentation
Have you thought about whether you will be migrating your data or starting fresh? If you do plan on migrating historical data, check out our Migrating to Sendbird
• How to migrate your data to Sendbird API Documentation
• A more comprehensive Look
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